Veterans Mike and Donnie from the Sick Call Podcast sit down with Tony on this episode. These guys discuss several topics on their podcast to include psychedelics, Jiu Jitsu, gardening, cannabis, and much more! Thanks for coming on guys. Check em out!


  • the stigma around cannabis
    • not completely accepted by all
    • fake news surrounding cannabis
    • bad politics
  • 6 AM Jiu Jitsu
  • finding a sense of community through BJJ
  • easier access to psilocybin
    • beneficial micro-dosing
  • finding ways to open up
  • visiting a foreign country without a gun
  • Kambo ceremony
    • introducing frog venom into the blood stream
  • finding answers through profound ceremonies
  • removing shame to express yourself freely
  • self improvement to better the lives of the ones around you
  • sometimes “you gotta be an outlaw to get right”
  • shedding your ego to find out what’s important
  • using BJJ to remove the monkey chatter
  • GI or NOGI?
    • the family environment in BJJ
    • camaraderie
  • keeping balance between deployment mindset and compassion
  • using VA money to improve your lifestyle


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