Dan Kaufman started the Veteran Float Grant to help enable veterans the opportunity to have access to sessions in a Float Tank. Dan spends time with us to talk about his experience in the Navy and what led him to this path.

Topics discussed:

  • Joined the navy in 2008
  • deployed to Afghanistan in 2013
  • started floating in 2014
  • sweat lodges
    • ft. lewis
    • sweat lodge ran by Vietnam Vet
  • Colors in the tank
  • LBFM’s in Thailand
  • Veteran Float Grant
    • December 2016
    • 2 comedy shows to promote the grant
      • San Diego
      • Arlington
  • Dave Chappelle
  • Bill Cosby
  • Standup Comedy
    • confidence

Check out what Dan has going on at the following:




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