Executive Director Michael Krawitz from VMCA (Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access) reconnects with us to finish our conversation in this part 2 episode.

Topics Discussed:

  • USA is the #1 jailed society
  • corruption
  • opposing big tobacco
  • police career path
  • bloody money
  • Jimmy Carter
  • The Marijuana Initiative,1972
  • The Big Screw up
    • cocaine and weed
  • The World Health Organization
  • CBD Oil
  • drug science
  • cannabis versus tobacco and alcohol
  • discovering cannabinoid receptors
  • Dr. Sue Sisley
  • PTSD study with M.A.P.S.
  • Bryan Krumm
    • pioneer for PTSD recognition
  • Canadian study for PTSD
  • VA only has two drugs for PTSD
  • Benefits of Cannabis
    • sleep
    • reduced level of alertness
    • pain management, to list a few
  • tent city in Maryland
  • skin cancer cannabis treatment
  • memory-eraser function
    • encourages short-term memory
    • discourages negative long-term memory
  • High Times article by Michael Krawitz
  • American Legion support for medical cannabis

Videos of interest:

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