In this episode Tony sits down with Stian and Paul during his time in Peru a few weeks back.

Stian is a Healthcare Practitioner who runs a Holistic Healthcare clinic and has over 20 years of experience. Stian also focuses his time as a strength and conditioning coach, working with muscle and joint movement, as well as nutrition.

Paul grew up in PA but decided to move out west to become a Cannabis Farmer. Paul self-experiments with his own supplements with is pretty interesting and also trains in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

To find out more, check out the following:

Stians Website:  (site will be up in 2 weeks)

Stians Instagram: the_nicolaysen_method

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  1. Fergal Nolan 2 years ago

    Great episode – lots of useful info re diet, but I was particularly interested when the guys discussed making their own products, particularly laundry detergent!

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