We had the pleasure of speaking with Joe Chamblin today. If you don’t know who Joe is, he’s a Marine Corps Scout Sniper and writer of the book “Into Infamy-A Marine Snipers War”. One of his reasons for writing this book was to share the stories of his Marines on deployments and their accomplishments. Chamblin’s Sniper Platoon was one of the most effective platoons since Vietnam. However a 37 second video of Marines urinating on dead bodies was leaked, putting Joe and his Marines in front of the world to be judged.

Also, around minute 55 there are a few seconds of interruption during the recording process that took place because of our internet connections. We may not seem in sync with each other for a moment but it’s only brief and gets right back on track, so please bare with us.

Into Infamy – A Marine Sniper’s War is available at the following places:





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